DragonCon 2013:

Girls of Venture will be
unvieling our new variant
cosplay costumes at the
Venture Brothers meet up,
along with a new pin design!

Welcome to the Girls of venture homepage, the official home of Variant cosplay of the Venture Brothers Universe! We are a group of girls that decided to do something a little different, variant costumes of some of our favorite animated characters! We hope you enjoy our little site, and will join us for fun and frivioloty at our Facebook group to help keep the party going!

Each year at DragonCon we will debut a new variant of the characters we have chosen. Our inaugural year we decided to do Burlesque, and this year, 2013, we are doing a completey amazing idea!

So whats in store for 2013? We havent announced it yet, but rest assured it will be scrummy! Sad you didnt get to see us at DragonCon? Well fret not! We will also be at several other cons before DragonCon 2013 so you can get your goV fix!


The Girls of Venture